Meet and exceed your mobile marketing goals through application of the latest methods, techniques and tools.

Learn how to create and implement mobile strategies to help transform your career and company with some of the industry’s leading mobile marketing experts.

With the Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing you will acquire skills in essential mobile specialisms including mobile site design, app development, multi-channel marketing and mobile commerce. This course is suitable for individuals who are responsible for the planning, execution or measurement of mobile marketing campaigns – mobile marketing specialists, mobile advertising executives, or anyone who would like to pursue a career or enhance their marketing knowledge base in this area.


Mobile is one of the fastest growing disciplines within digital marketing. The Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing gives you all the skills you need to excel as a mobile marketing specialist.

The Digital Marketing Institute ethos is to take digital knowledge direct from industry leaders, they design and teach our formalised, accredited syllabus so you learn real skills that will drive your career forward.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Messaging

  • Mobile Sites

  • Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Advertising

  • Mobile Video

  • Mobile Games Marketing

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Cross-Channel

  • Strategy and Planning

This course will guide you through thirty hours of in-depth learning in the following disciplines:

  • Mobile Messaging (view sample)
  • Mobile Sites (view sample)
  • Mobile Apps (view sample)
  • Mobile Advertising (view sample)
  • Mobile Video (view sample)
  • Mobile Games Marketing (view sample)
  • Mobile Commerce (view sample)
  • Cross Channel Marketing (view sample)
  • Strategy and Planning (view sample)

The Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing is perfect for professionals responsible for the planning, execution or measurement of mobile marketing campaigns, or who would like to pursue a career in this area.

Study the course online via our dynamic learning network giving you easy access to all your course materials including video lectures, downloadable slides, supporting case studies and learning resources.

Course Fee: $1,900.00 US

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Quick Info

Self-paced Training

Online Course Content

30 Hrs Duration

3 Hr Multiple Choice Exam

Global Certification